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Canadian Weather

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Application IDca.solidsystems.canadianweather
AuthorSolid Systems
DescriptionWeather information for a country where weather changes constantly from the best source for current conditions and forecasts, Environment Canada.

This application provides current condition, forecast, and history information for any location in Canada that Environment Canada collects weather data for. All while presenting it in a mobile friendly way that is optimized for your HP TouchPad. Once a location has been added this application will remember your selections so that you can easily load up to date and accurate weather data at anytime. No more navigating to the Environment Canada website and going through their selection system over and over again.

Note: This application only presents weather information for Canada.
Version NoteUser interface look and feel update. Weather details are now more consistent in terms of look and the overall style of the application is more polished.

New Features:
- Remove prompt for locations can be toggled on or off from the preferences window.
- Forecast day detail layout can be toggled between the new two column layout and the original single column layout.

Bug Fixes:
- Dates should now be properly translated to French.
- Application will now give an appropriate message when no data connection is available rather than a generic error message.
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