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Application IDcom.weatherbug.weatherwindow
AuthorWeatherBug by Earth Networks
DescriptionView your weather and get the latest local current conditions, forecast and more for thousands of locations around the world with this app designed to enhance your HP TouchPad experience.

(Unique Weather Window) – Our virtual window to the world outside lets you view artistically rendered versions of current conditions for your location.

(Quick Weather Overview) – View the current weather and 3-day forecast for your selected location along with current conditions for all your saved locations…at the same time!

(Interactive Maps) – Includes several weather map overlays, including Doppler radar, that are dynamically integrated with Google maps functionality for pinch and zoom, pan and even map, satellite, hybrid and terrain views.

(Severe Weather Alerts*) – “Always On" alerts for severe weather, such as Tornado warnings, to help you prepare for natural disasters.

(Forecasts) – 7 day extended and hourly forecasts* to assist you in planning your activities.

(Location-Enabled Intelligence) – "Geolocate" lets you bypass location settings, automatically detecting your location in order to present you with highly localized weather.

(Traffic and Weather Together) – View weather maps in conjunction with Google’s traffic map layer to gauge the impact of approaching storms on your travel plans.

(Instant Camera Images*) - See the weather around you with camera images from up to 20 nearby weather stations closest to your currently active location.

~*U.S. locations only
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Support URLhttp://www.weatherbug.com/support/WxBugSupportRequestForm_js.asp?LocationDesc=Broadcaster
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