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Application IDorg.voltar.noaa-metar
DescriptionMETAR data is a form of weather data that comes in standardized human readable (really!) text. Pilots and meteorologists can glance at a page of METAR data and get an accurate 3D picture of the weather over huge regions and altitudes.

NOAA helpfully puts METAR data on the web for free.

This app downloads the METAR and displays it in a simple list for easy reading. It also includes a comprehensive METAR decoder that can be used for educational purposes.

If you've ever been curious about METAR or grew exhausted with FHM-1 (while somehow still enjoying METAR) this could be the app for you.
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Support URLhttps://github.com/jettero/noaa-metar/issues
CopyrightCopyright 2011 Paul Miller