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Irish Rain

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Application IDcom.chofter.irishrain
DescriptionUsing Irish Rain, you'll never be caught in an Irish downpour again. A detailed map of the rainfall over Ireland for the last three hours shows not just where the rain is, but where it was recently, and in what direction it is travelling. Note that it is not cloud cover that is shown, but actual rainfall.

About to head out the door, and want to know if you'll need an umbrella, or if that game of golf will result in a drenching? Then Irish Rain is for you.

Also provided is todays and tomorrows weather forecast for the major Irish cities.

Radar imagery kindly provided by Met √Čireann.

v1.0.3 Updates the app to work with the latest met.ie data
Version Notev1.0.3 Updates the app to work with the latest met.ie data
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