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Application IDcom.leetcom.simpleweather
Description***Updates Below***We're proud to present to you our latest app SimpleWeather. We wanted a weather application that was not only reliable, but also has a nice user interface. With the glace you can see the current conditions, high/low, 4 day forecast all in a beautiful design. We allow use of your own custom wallpapers too. If that's not enough when the application updates itself it will change the app icon to the current weather conditions. So if it's sunny and 91 degrees the app icon will display a sun and 91 on it. You can see the current conditions without ever opening up the application. You can set a default location or simply use the GPS feature to give you update to date weather for your exact location. We provide worldwide support for over 2 million locations world wide. If you need help using the application just watch the video we uploaded. It walks you though how to use the application. ***Updates*** 1.0.7 - Fixed a few issues where the app wasn't auto updating. Added some animations and changed the minimized card view.
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Support URLhttp://www.pregrounds.com
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