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Application IDcom.recursive.reweather
Description---- NEW IN V1.2.1: Bug fix which adds support for webOS 2.0.

---- NEW IN V1.2: Flick left and right to browse through your locations! Plus saving of weather data when switching locations, and improved error handling.

---- NEW IN V1.1: automatically opens to your first location, automatically refreshes at the duration you set, defaults to Farenheit for those who hate the metric system, and now 3x shinier. Keep the feedback coming! ---- Don't you wish there was a simple, pretty weather application for your phone? ReWeather is a free weather application that provides the current conditions, today's forecast, and tomorrow's. It has an uncluttered interface with a background that reflects the current weather conditions. You can add as many locations as you like. Data comes from Yahoo! Weather. This version available in English only.
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