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Weather Dashboard Lite

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Application IDcom.supergigamega.weatherdashlite
AuthorSuperGigaMega LLC
DescriptionWeather Dashboard Lite is a webOS dashboard application that displays the current temperature and conditions as well as the forecast for the next day in a large easy to see format. Weather Dashboard Lite works like a widget for your webOS device and always runs in the background so you can quickly see the weather. Click on the dashboard to toggle through displays of Current Conditions, Today's Forecast, and Tomorrow's Forecast. Toss away Weather Dashboard and it will come back after it's next update. If your webOS device is setup to enable notifications when the screen is locked, you can see the current weather conditions when your device is on a touchstone charger or by just turning your device on without unlocking the screen. The is the free version of Weather Dashboard and is lacking several features that are in the paid version.
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Support URLhttp://www.supergigamega.com/weatherdashboard
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