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WeatherBug Elite

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Application IDcom.aws.weatherbug
DescriptionWeatherBug Elite for Palm WebOS is the source for truly live, local weather – providing users access to the largest network of professional weather stations in the U.S. and thousands of locations around the world. Among its numerous features, WeatherBug Elite provides users with current conditions, forecasts and severe weather alerts as they happen. Best of all, WeatherBug Elite is 100% ad-free. Get live, local weather in the palm of your hand…download WeatherBug Elite today!

Key features:

• Live, local weather conditions and forecasts
• 7-Day and Hourly forecast
• Animated radar and maps
• Severe weather alerts (NWS alerts)
• Detailed maps overlays, including: Satellite, Temperature, Humidity, Wind Speed, Air Pressure, Forecast Hi and Forecast Lo
• Always-on functionality (even when the app is minimized)
• Configurable update rate (30-seconds to 12 hours)
• Unlimited number of saved locations
• GPS “Track Me” will update weather conditions based on the location of the user
(Note: updates according to configurable update rate and requires the app to be running in foreground or minimized mode.)
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Support URLhttp://forums.weatherbug.com
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