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Internet Radio HD Pro

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Application IDcom.l337tech.internet-radio-hd-pro
AuthorCasey Broome - L337Tech.com
Description**This app was developed by a Palm Hot Apps Winner developer**
Internet Radio HD Pro is a robust music application used to tap into thousands of online radio stations. Search and listen to thousands of online radio stations easily. Stream internet radio over 2G, 3G, or even Wifi (if your device supports this). Internet Radio HD Pro utilizes both SHOUTcastâ„¢ services. Internet Radio HD Pro is an official partner of SHOUTcastâ„¢. See this apps homepage for a comprehensive list of features.


Internet Radio HD Pro is the webOS 3.0 version of your favorite app Internet Radio Pro. This version represents the first iteration of the webOS 3.0 version. I plan on adding custom station play ability as well as full Icecast abilities (just like the original Internet Radio Pro). I am also looking to expand this app into other internet radio services so stayed tuned...

This app works great on the new HP TouchPad!
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Support URLhttp://www.l337tech.com/apps/internet-radio-hd/