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Last.fm for HP Touchpad

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Application IDwebos.lastfm
DescriptionLast.fm on HP's Touchpad is a new music discovery application. Learn more about your favourite artists, discover new ones, and share your discoveries.

Have a Last.fm account? See your favourite music like never before.
Don't have a Last.fm account? Quickly build out your music profile and instantly get recommendations.
Subscribe to listen to endless personalised radio.

Here are some bullet points:
*Browse Artist's biographies, photos, and videos
*Discover new music based on your preferences & listening history
*New users can quickly build an artist library, immediately giving access to Last.fm's recommendations
*All-new interface utilising hi-res artist images
*Subscribers can listen to unlimited recommended and artist-inspired radio
*Share to favorite social profile
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Support URLhttp://www.last.fm/group/Last.fm+for+HP+Touchpad