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Application IDtrial.tamoggemon.goldenplaylist
AuthorTamoggemon Ltd
DescriptionFeel like music and videos on your webOS device? Get Golden Playlist!

Our product lets you create, manage and play your favourite media files by using so-called playlists.

While other playlist apps are music-only, our app can also take care of your favourite movie clips. Another advantage of this app are its flexible playback options. You can play:

• the full playlist
• a number of songs
• a couple of minutes (sleep-timer)
• or a never ending loop.

Of course you also can select a playback order. Play the songs of a list randomly (shuffle) or in normal order.

Do you want to start the app and it plays your last activated song? Do you want to pick a list manualy? No problem, just choose an option.

Golden Playlist supports cable and bluetooth headsets. You can use the headset to control the play status (play/pause/next/last song).

The app is compatible with all webOS 1 and 2 devices. Tested on Pre, Pre Plus, Pre 2 and Pixi.

If you have any problems, questions or ideas to improve the app, please contact us. We're seven days a week available and we're happy to support you.

Note that this is a limited trial version. If you like the app, please download the upgrade for low money and give us a good rating...
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Support URLhttp://tamoggemon.com
Copyright(c) Simon Pfundstein 2011