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Tenor Guitar Chords Free Trial

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Application IDcom.tgi.tenorguitar
AuthorDarin Smith
DescriptionThis is a reference app for the Tenor Guitar, a 4 stringed member of the guitar family. It contains fingerings for all the basic chords you need to get started playing backup on the Tenor Guitar.
Go to my website tenorguitarinfo.com for more info about tenor guitars or to give feedback.
Updates coming with more chords soon.
This is my first app, so feedback is appreciated.
Thanks to everyone who has downloaded. I've tried to add what requests I can. If you give a bad review, please include reasons, so I can fix the problems!
If you enjoy this app, please download the Pro version, which adds recordings of the chords, and landscape support, for only $0.99.
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Support URLhttp://www.tenorguitarinfo.com
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