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Application IDcom.mp3tunes.mp3tunes
AuthorMP3tunes Inc
DescriptionGo beyond your device's storage limits and stream all your favorite music! The MP3tunes app connects to your MP3tunes Locker (a secure online storage space) so you can enjoy your music on the go --wherever you are-- with your Palm Pre or Pixi.

Signup for 2 GB of free storage at www.MP3tunes.com. Then, sync up your iTunes playlists and your favorite music with easy-to-use Mac, Windows or Linux software. You can upgrade to additional space if necessary. Then start up the app and log into your MP3tunes account. Now, you're ready to rock out anywhere with your personal music collection at your fingertips.

3 Easy steps:

1) Sign up for a free MP3tunes Locker at www.mp3tunes.com
2) Upload some tunes to your Locker
3) Login on your WebOS device and enjoy!

The MP3tunes Locker stores and plays all of these popular file formats: MP3, MP4, M4A, AAC, OGG and WMA. Plus you can create up to 75 custom radio stations with a single click that are fully interactive (with unlimited skip and rewind!) tailored to any mood. For more info, go to www.mp3tunes.com.


* Sort by Artists, Albums, Playlists, Tracks
* Mix it up with Shuffle mode
* Optimized for wireless streaming
* Listen to your iTunes playlists on your WebOS device
* Easy-to-use, web based file uploader

More information: http://www.mp3tunes.com
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Support URLhttp://support.mp3tunes.com
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