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Application IDcom.mcreatory.mradio
DescriptionVersion 2.0.2:
- fixed webOS 1.4.5 compatibility (audio bug)
- added german SWR stations

m.radio is an easy to use radio app in 80s-style, which makes it possible to play your favourite radio stations on your webOS device, everytime and everywhere over the internet. You can choose from a large number of preset channels from many countries or also add a new channel by simply entering the station name and URL of the audio stream.
So, stay tuned with m.radio!

Note: This app uses your internet connection. Audio streaming may be data intensive. Make sure that you have an appropriate internet plan.
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Support URLhttp://www.cip.ifi.lmu.de/~bednar/
CopyrightCopyright 2011 m.Creatory