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Application IDcom.epik.wormp3
Description**Please note, there appears to be a problem with how this plays on certain phones or with certain mp3 files. It has successfully been tested on a Sprint Pre with standard mp3 encoded songs. If that describes you, and you are still having issues please let me know. I really want to fix the errors. **

For people having issues with the gui, everything is done by swiping; you can't just push a button, you have to swipe in that direction.

Wormp3 is a variable speed mp3 player. Pick an mp3 file and play it up to 4 times faster (no pitch correction so everything will sound like chipmunks) or slow it down to a quarter speed and make it last forever. Fully open source project, you can view the code at http://github.com/epik/Wormp3.
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Support URLhttp://github.com/epik/Wormp3