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AudioScape: Drums, Piano, & Soundboards

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Application IDcom.thing10.audioscape
DescriptionNote: Fixed bug seen on Pre 2's running webOS 2.2.4.

Tap the on-screen pads to play five drum kits, a piano, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, or four sound effect soundboards. Use your own sounds to create even more! Over 100 sounds included. Supports multitouch input so you can trigger multiple sounds simultaneously. Create your own custom drum kits, instruments, and soundboards by placing .wav files in the USB drive partition of your phone. Compatible with TouchPad, Veer, Pre3, Pre2, Pre, and Pixi's.

Tap the pads to play sounds. On phones, swipe forward in the Gesture Area under the screen to switch to the next instrument or soundboard. Swipe back to go to the previous one. For the TouchPad, use the on-screen arrows. The sound banks are (in the order they appear): "Acoustic Drums", "Animals", "Body Noises", "Bongos, Congas", "Distorted Drums", "Electric Guitar", "Electro Drums 1", "Electro Drums 2", "Guitar", "Piano", "Sound Effects 1", "Sound Effects 2".

To create your own custom drum kits, instruments, and soundboards, plug your device into a computer and put the device into "USB Drive" mode. Create a folder named "audioscape" (all lowercase). Then, create a folder inside the audioscape folder for your custom sound bank (ex: \audioscape\MySillySounds). Now, place up to nine .wav audio files in this folder. The .wav files must be mono recordings with a sampling rate of 22050 Hz & 16 bits per sample. Your custom sound bank will automatically be loaded by the app when it starts. To play your custom bank, start the app and swipe in the Gesture Area until you find your bank at the end of the list of sound banks. Custom sounds are assigned to the touch pads left-to-right & then top-to-bottom in alphabetical order by the .wav file name. You can create multiple folders under "audioscape", one for each custom sound bank you want to create.

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