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Media Remote with View and Control (VNC)

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Application IDcom.engineequalscar.util.mediaremote
AuthorEngine Equals Car
DescriptionNow you can view and tap an image of your pc from the phone. Advanced keys like alt-tab, alt-f4 and function keys can now be sent as well. *********************This application lets you control your media player, mouse and keyboard on your pc from your pre. Even see an image of the pc on the phone. The application has two parts one is an application that runs on the pc (currently windows only) and listens for controls from the pre.
The Server application is also created by Engine Equals Car but must be purchased. See http://www.engineequalscar.com/mediaremote for more information.

The server currently supports the following players:
Windows Media Player,
Some features include mouse and keyboard control from the pre. See current song and album art, viewing full playlist and changing playlist to name a few. See the media remote site for full feature list. Not all features available for all players.
Sprint Pixi Users - Since the pixi does not have wifi this does require opening or forwarding a port on your router. You must know how to do this.
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Support URLhttp://www.engineequalscar.com/mediaremote
CopyrightCopyright 2011 Engine Equals Car