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SongWave Drum Machine

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Application IDcom.codeslaw.songwave
DescriptionSongWave is the premiere music app for webOS, allowing you to compose music and beats in real-time, without audio delay! The powerful 3 track sequencer lets you listen to your creation as you write it, so you can put on a live, custom performance with each use. With the unique gesture interface, you can switch between the 3 included instrument tracks (Drum Kit, Marimba, and Synthesizer), change your rhythm/melodies, and modify the playback tempo all by just using your fingers on the screen. From piano chords and melodies to drum beats and rhythms, SongWave is the future of music creation on your mobile device. Visit codeslaw.net for news on upcoming features and other creative webOS apps!
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Support URLhttp://codeslaw.net
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