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Description***NEW VERSION 1.2.0*** - Improved Guitar Tuner - Improved Chord Quiz feature - Learn every single aspect of guitar play for a bargain price Using Guitarist's Reference Pro you will learn everything about guitar chords, scales, arpeggios, triads, standard tuning, alternate tunings and brand new chord name finder tool. - Now supports Sound/Audio reference for all chords, scales, triads and arpeggios. - App comes with Guitar Tuner - Comprehensive database with over 3,000 chord voicings - Over 500 scales - Over 550 arpeggios - Triads in any inversion - Chord/Scale relationships: you select a chord, program will show recommended scales - Scales to Chords: you pick a scale, program will show all chords that work with your scale. - Chord Name Finder: You enter your notes on the fretboard, program will tell you the chord name. - Easy to look up any note on the fretboard - Tones are actually played with every chord, scale, arpeggio, triad. - A Chord Quiz feature allows the user to test their learning on an ongoing basis - Support 38 alternate guitar tunings or you can custom your tuning - Support Left and Right handed - Superb graphics and friendly user interface
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