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Application IDorg.kered.publicradio
AuthorAllUrStuff Incorporated
DescriptionPublic Radio contains webcasts from over 250 public / non-profit radio stations here in the US. National Public Radio (NPR), American Public Media (APM), British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), etc. When first launched, it will automatically find the station closest to you (using GPS). You can also browse all available stations, and save your favorites for easy access in the future. The station database is downloaded automatically, and can be updated without having to wait for a new version of this app! So if a public / non-profit station you like isn't in our database yet, email me at us@allurstuff.com and I'll put it in ASAP! Thanks! And remember to support your local public radio stations!!! NOTE: This is for public / non-profit radio stations only! There are no private / for-profit stations in the database! Sorry!!!
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Support URLhttp://allurstuff.com/static/publicradio.html