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Tune Your Guitar

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Application IDcom.jdfsoftware.tuneyourguitar
AuthorJDF Software
DescriptionThe Hot Apps winner is still going strong!

Try Tune Your Guitar for free - this version comes with Standard (EADGBe) tuning. Upgrade to the Pro version for 11 tunings.

The interface has been redesigned for ease of use and the app has been rewritten for speed and reliability.

A must-have for any guitarist.

The sounds are not loud enough, I know.. The speaker output on the devices are set the way they're set, and I have no control over that. If I make the sounds louder, they will clip & it will be very hard for you to hear the proper notes. You can install the volume increase patch through Preware or plug your phone into an external speaker through the headphone jack.
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Support URLhttp://forums.precentral.net/jdf-software/251254-tune-your-guitar-free.html
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