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Museum ID1005790
Application IDcom.panel.synomusic
DescriptionSynoMusic allows you to stream music from Synology DiskStation to your phone.
Tested only on Synology DSM 3.X / 4.X
Version Note0.5.6 - Bug Fixes
0.5.5 - repeat button added
0.5.4 - fixed icons, fixed last song loop
0.5.3 - fixed phone problem, fixed some logic problems, avoid timeout http request added, new player menu icons, better for phones
0.5.2 - revamped Stream play mode, UPnP streamer - player support,
0.4.6 - phone play fix,
0.4.5 - DSM 4.X update & fix you can still add DSM 3.X servers, fixed playlist scroll bug, fixex song 20 bug, small facelifts, 0.4.2 - major Touchpad update - playlist, logic fixes, play next song fix
0.3.8 - bugfixes
0.3.7 - position seek - stream, filename instead of song title - prefrerences, bugfixes
0.3.5 - you can type to search items, ability to set number of items per page - 50-150, bugfixes
0.3.3 - you can now add items to playlist - whole folders too, bugfixes
0.3.1 - revamped player core - now is playlist stored on server, added USB play with volume control, bugfixes when song ended and won't start next
NEXT - PREV bugfix, browser UP paging fix
0.2.3 - browsing by Album, Artist, Genre added, searching added, some paging features improved, autologin added
0.1.9 - added paging in browser - tap on header
0.1.8 - added 'Now playing' button to browser mode, some minor player changes, fixed playlist bug from previous version
0.1.5 - added playing time and scroll bar in player, added prefereces - you can change default connection port, design changes
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Support URLhttp://www.panel.sk/
LicenseCreative Commons, No Derivatives