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Apollo for Veer and Pre2 (Pandora Client)

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Application IDcom.jmtk.apollo
DescriptionCurator's Note - This version is exclusively for webOS 2.2, meaning it works on updated Pre2 and Veer devices. This app has been inaccessible in Preware for months, and is now available in the App Museum II thanks to the original creator, who provides it without waranty.

Features include:

-Creation of new Pandora accounts
-Sign in with existing Pandora accounts
-Creation/Deletion of stations
-Bookmark management (bookmark current/recent song/artist, view/delete bookmarks)
-Like & dislike of songs
-Skip current song (6 skips/hr/station)
-Viewing of recent tracks for each station
-Create station from current song/artist, recent song/artist, bookmark song/artist
-Put song to sleep for one month
-Links to browse music on Amazon.com
-Sorting of stations by name or date of creation
-Viewing of current song artist biography
-Explanation of why current song is playing
-Dashboard (Notification) controls (like/dislike, pause/play, skip)
-Song progress in dashboard
-Dashboard controllable from lock-screen
-Settings: audio quality, selectable backgrounds, full screen toggle, application timeout, toggle auto-play station on app startup, simple/full exhibition, Villo statistics
-Exhibition mode

All this paired with an excellent UI which makes use of Enyo 1.0 (sliding panes and other niceties).

"..This app is flawless. Great job. You, sir, have just made the TouchPad a little better." - jsgraphicart

"This is an impressive app. The amount of work that was spent on design and efficiency is noticeable... Top of the line quality. " - Kevin B

"I normally don't write reviews, but Apollo is such a good app that I've been compelled to do so." - Awjin A

"A well designed app. Beautiful in its simplicity." - Kevin T

**All feedback is highly encouraged, negative or positive. Please review the app and let us know what you think. Remember, constructive criticism will allow us to fix and improve the app in order to provide the best available user experience**
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