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JewishMusic Stream

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Application IDcom.jewishmusicstream.jms
AuthorJewishMusic Stream
DescriptionThe best Jewish music, the best selection, and the best quality on the internet, has now come to webOS!

The first and only Jewish Music Stream with a webOS App!

Now you can listen to the JewishMusic Stream and take advantage of webOS's incredible multitasking to listen while you're using your webOS device for other tasks, or keep the JewishMusic Stream card open to see which song is currently playing!

Streaming audio consumes a lot of data - make sure you are using WiFi, or that your plan supports such usage.
3G or WiFi internet speeds are recommended for smooth playback.

Any questions, suggestions, or feedback can be sent to info@JewishMusicStream.com - let us know what you think!
Version NoteChanged stream/music source to the new Stream server
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Support URLhttp://JewishMusicStream.com
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