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TealFishTank Aquarium Simulator

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Application IDcom.tealpoint.tealfish
AuthorTealPoint Software
DescriptionEnjoy the relaxing benefits of a freshwater fish tank with none of the maintenance,
mess, or hassle. The TealFishTank Aquarium Simulator displays a beautiful tank of realistic-looking
fish that move with a mixture of autonomous and school-like behavior. The fish scatter
when you tap the glass and chase food that you drop by tapping at the top of the tank.
They also sway a little in response to phone movements, but this is not
one of those apps that require you to mimic all the real-world work that you're trying to avoid.
Instead, it offers some nice eye candy, so just sit back and enjoy! RECENT UPDATES: WebOS 1.4 breaks playback of seamless looped sounds. In response, TealFishTank 1.2.1 is updated to use a 1-minute looping sound if WebOS1.4 or higher is detected, and will be updated after the next OS update. Version 1.2.0 Adds an optional background water sound, a clock in landscape mode, medium aggressive fish, selectable fish counts, and compatibility with system animation functions that have been broken in webOS 1.4.
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Support URLhttp://www.tealpoint.com
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