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Grupo - Your ultimate Groupon app

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Application IDcom.prenewbie.grupo
DescriptionUpdates in V0.0.4 - Changed another orientation property. Also fixed a bug with map that showed incorrect deal locations.

Looking for Groupons in your city? “Grupo – Your ultimate Groupon app” is here for you to view all Groupon.com deals on your new TouchPad vividly!


1) Set your preferences and view the deals suggested to you by Groupon.com.

2) Also set your referral id and earn Groupon Bucks by referring deals to your friends.

3) Add multiple cities as part of favorites.

4) Share deals via email and earn Groupon Bucks (If that person is new to Groupon).

5) View redemption location on map.

Please Note :

* “Grupo – Your ultimate Groupon app” is not an official Groupon.com app for HP TouchPad. It just uses the API provided by Groupon.com
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