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Groupon Mobile

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Application IDcom.dnsmobile.groupon
AuthorDNS Mobile
Description** Available in the US and Canada only **

The unofficial Groupon™ application for the HP Touchpad! Quickly and easily access Groupon™ deals for your area. Share Groupon™ deals with your friends, locate deals on a map, and always find deals nearest you. Groupon Mobile for WebOS is powered by the Groupon™ API and updates when launched to show the latest information about your deals.

We are always open to suggestions for new features and requests. Please contact us if you have a good idea you would like to see integrated into the app, or if you experience any issues with Groupon Mobile.

There are some limitations to the Groupon™ public API which prevents the application from being able to perform in-app purchases, allowing users to log into their accounts, and having the ability to use the application internationally. The features will be integrated once they become available through the public API.
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Support URLhttp://www.dns-mobile.com/groupon
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