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Genealogy Date Converter

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Application IDcom.polarjack.genealogydateconverter
AuthorPolar Jack Software
Description"Genealogy Date Converter" is a webOS tool dedicated to genealogists in travel. This application allows to convert birth,

marriage or death dates written in old registers in France during the French Republican Calendar (from 22 Sep 1792 to 1 Jan 1806). The date can be converted from Gregorian Calendar to French Republican Calendar and reverse and is displayed in the

selected language among English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. It allows also to convert Julian Calendar to Gregorian Calendar between 1582 and 2063.

- TouchPad / 100% Enyo version in multiple apps package,
- Select dates from Gregorian, French Republican or Julian Calendars,
- Use default language to display dates,
- Allow to select any language among English, French, German, Spanish and Italian,
- Filter invalid dates,
- Display the day of week and other additional information,
- Allow to extend information by linking Wikipedia help pages,
- Limited to the official use of the French Republican Calendar,
- Allow full screen for Palm Pixi and HP Veer
- Allow Enyo version for HP Pre 3,
- Add a date explorer from 1582 to 2063,

- NEW >>> HP Pre 3 version in 100% Enyo framework,
- NEW >>> Enhancement of Enyo design,
- includes Julian Calendar conversion,
- includes full screen for Small Phones,
- fixes a TouchPad bug selector,

- NEW >>> TouchPad version in 100% Enyo framework,
- includes flags for each language selection,
- includes back button for non gesture device,

- includes reverse conversion from Gregorian date to French Republican date,
- allows wikipedia link to both Calendar,
- fixes a bug concerning the year 1800.

- increases resources to German, Spanish and Italian users.

- first conversion application.
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Support URLhttp://www.polarjack.fr.nf/
CopyrightCopyright 2011 Polar Jack Software