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Bunny Commander

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Application IDuk.co.benjamintodd.bunnycommander
AuthorBenjamin Todd
DescriptionNabaztag remote control comes to webOS!

Bunny Commander lets Nabaztag owners control their rabbit's ears, wake them up, or put them to bed and it also lets owners make them say whatever they want. This app requires access to the Internet because it communicates with the Mindscape servers using the Nabaztag API.

Please do ask for support, but it should be noted that the Nabaztag and it's API are buggy (any long time owner will probably know this, after all it's creator, Violet, did go bankrupt!). Also please note, Nabaztag choreography functionality isn't possible because Violet disabled it on their servers.

If there is enough interest in this app, I would consider adding more functionality and please do let me know if you are getting a Karotz (a.k.a Nabaztag version 3, out 21st March 2011) as I would be looking to add the Karotz API to the app with enough interest.

Feel free to add my Nabaztag "chew" to your friend list.

Happy rabbiting! :)
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Support URLhttp://www.benjamintodd.co.uk/contact-me/
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