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Application IDcom.appstuh.churchsearch
AuthorAppstuh and Pastorrich1
DescriptionChurch Search is designed to help find a church near you quickly and easily. If you are looking for a church to attend, no matter where you are, Church Search is the app to use.

Locate churches by zip code, City and State or GPS location. Now you can even search by Church type (Baptist, Catholic, Lutheran, etc.) Get driving directions, phone number and web site information all from the search results.

This version adds a "Tap to add your Church" feature. Since Church Search utilizes the Google Maps database, adding a location is done through Google Places and requires a Google User Account.

Future updates will bring, check in at church locations, leave tips, comments and reviews for others who might visit a given church, and church check in/attendance tracking.
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Support URLhttp://www.dsquareddev.com
Copyrightcopyright 2011 Appstuh and Pastorrich1