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Application IDcom.rocketouch.kosher2go
DescriptionPowered by the Shamash.Org kosher database (the world’s largest most accurate kosher database), Kosher2Go provides access to over 2700 kosher establishments in over 50 countries. Information displayed for each entry includes: name, address, telephone, URL, cuisine type, rating, kosher supervising authority, hours, average cost, distance to location, type of restaurant (meat, dairy, etc.) and reviews. Results are displayed on a map or in a list sortable by distance, price or rating. Includes support for Just Type searching. Make sure you Add Kosher Restaurant Search in your Just Type preferences.
Version NoteVersion 0.8.0 includes initial support for TouchPad and WebOS 3.0. The TouchPad version does not include support for mapping - this will be corrected in a WebOS 3.0 - only solution shortly.
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