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DescriptionAvailable in: English, French, German. Moon Info was written to provide exact calculations of moon phases and lunar details on WebOS. Previous lunar calendars have mostly been inaccurate in comparison with official reports by NASA. Most of the algorithms used for Moon Info were written by Jean Meeus and can calculate results in a matter of seconds. Moon Info calculates and shows moon phases and other details over a period stretching from 1900 to 2100, mostly with a variance of less than one minute. All times are shown in relation to the given time-zone and to Daylight Savings Time. The visible part of the moon is also drawn with intermediate results according the calculated value. Moon Info will be released in 2 versions. The current basic version is free of charge and provides the most important information, such as moon phase, illumination in percent, age of the moon within a moon cycle, distance in kilometres and number of lunation (number of moon cycles since 17th January 1923). Further details, such as moon-rise and moon-set, signs of the zodiac, constellation, coordinates (ecliptical, geocentric / topocentric, altitude & azimuth), passing moon through the nodes, apogee / perigee and some astrological infos (Moon Void of Course) and Twilight Infos (Blue Hour for photographers) will be provided in a Professional Version to be released shortly. - - - V.1.0.6: additional changes in help text.
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