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GetMeVino! Lite

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Application IDcom.mteckmobile.app.getmevinolite
AuthorMteck Mobile
DescriptionGetMeVino! Lite is the ultimate wine directory -- right on your phone. You can search for wine by variety, brand, vintage and more. Narrow your search by selecting the minimum price, max price or sort type. Then, simply tap 'Find Review.' You can tap any of the resulting wines for detailed bottle information or reviews. If you’re drawn to a particular bottle, click the 'Send To' button to send it to yourself or inform friends via text or email. You can navigate back and forth in the application with standard WebOS gestures. Update 1.0.4:: -Fixed text verification screen. Update 1.0.3:: -Extended character limit on searches. -Added more search parameters. -Bugs, ads, etc.
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Support URLhttp://getmevinolite.mteckmobile.com
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