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Genealogy Unit Converter

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Application IDcom.polarjack.genunitconv
AuthorPolar Jack Software
DescriptionGenealogy Unit Converter
Polar Jack Software

"Genealogy Unit Converter" is the second webOS tool dedicated to genealogists in travel.

This application allows to convert ancient units of length, area, volume, mass and temperature used in France before the 1799. the units can be converted to International and Imperial System of units. Results are displayed in the selected language among English, French and German.

- Select the type of units (Length, Area, Volume, Mass and Temperature),
- Select one ancient units, one international unit and one imperial unit,
- No keyboad needed, only slider allow to input values,
- Optimised scale of data based on Renard series,
- Use default language to display numbers,
- Allow to select any language among English, French and German,
- Allow to extend information by linking Wikipedia help pages,

- first conversion application.
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