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Jonathan's Card

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Application IDorg.zo0o0ot.jcard
DescriptionJonathan's Card : A social experiment. Remember the "give a penny, take a penny" tray? Well, imagine that, only with Starbucks coffee.
Jonathan Stark has offered up his personal Starbucks gift card for public use. Feeling generous? Donate some coffee. Feeling thirsty (and lucky)? Try to get a free coffee while the card has a balance.
The application includes a link to the card's Twitter account.

For more info, go to:

UPDATE: Card deactivated as of 8/12/11.

Coded by zo0o0ot using Ares.
Version NoteUpdated information to reflect Jonathan's Card being deactivated as of 8/12/11. Provided informational links to the project.
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Support URLhttp://zootlinux.blogspot.com/2011/08/jonathans-card-social-experiment.html
CopyrightGPL 2.0