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ZenSearch HD - Craigslist Browser

Museum ID10022
Application IDnet.nizzoli.zensearch.hd
AuthorGabriele Nizzoli
Description[TOUCHPAD Version] Searching Craigslist has never been this simple - with this easy to use, yet powerful, application, you can quickly browse Craigslist to find what you need, just a few tap away! [version 1.1.2: bug fixes, in-application browser] Search all US, Canadian and European listings (in every location and sub-location), browse a vast array of categories (including sub-categories), leverage all kinds of category-specific filters (like the ones you find on the website). This application allows you to save as many search criteria as you want, so you can always return to your previous searches. You can also tag all the posts you like. This makes it easy to find them later. If a post has a thumbnail image, you will see it on the post list. Every post has a handy horizontally scrollable image list to help you find what you want at the swipe of a finger. Categories, locations and post lists are easily filterable: just start typing and narrow your choices! This helps you find what you want ... fast! [NOTE: some categories are not working since disabled by Craigslist]
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Support URLhttp://webos.nizzoli.net/zensearch-hd/
Copyright: Copyright (c) 2010-2011 Gabriele Nizzoli