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Numerology LE

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Application IDcom.plutoschild.numerologyle
AuthorPluto's Child
DescriptionCompletely updated and redesigned with Enyo 2.2! Numerology LE is the free version of the Numerology PCE App. It features features written interpretations from the book "Numerology - Multiple Digits & Decanates" by Esther V. Leinbach. These unique intepretations include numbers up to 100, however in this free version all names and birthday numbers are reduced to a single digit. Features include: Complete name/number analysis including vowels, consonants, master numbers & name suffix (e.g, Jr., III). Supports up to 4 names or words. Report includes Name and Birthday numbers. Save the names of all of your friends for quick access.
Version NoteUpdated and redesigned with Enyo 2.2!
Now opens to Name entry page.
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Support URLhttp://www.plutoschild.com/blog/questions/numerology-app
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