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Cocktail Fusion

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Application IDenigmartins1
DescriptionCocktail Fusion is a professional cocktail making app with over 5500 cocktails. All classics are included.
Enter your available drinks and it will tell you what cocktails you can make. Full of features for people serious about cocktails

Can be viewed offline, cocktail images available when viewed online.

• Select your available drinks (ingredients)
• See what cocktails you can make from your drinks
• 167 alcoholic ingredients to make cocktails from
• Over 5500 cocktails to choose from
• Browse cocktails by category (sweet, creamy, dry ...)
• Browse all cocktails in alphabetical order
• Search by cocktail name or search by ingredient
• Choose from 45 different themes for your app
• Add drinks to favourite
• See what the top ingredients are for making cocktails
• See your top 10 missing ingredients
• See cocktails you can make with extra ingredients
• Add ingredients to shopping list / wish list
• See the glass type for each cocktail
• Email cocktail ingredients or share on facebook
• View ingredient pictures
• View user ratings and give ratings for cocktails
• Cocktail images are displayed for each cocktail
* Regular updates, with new features being added (more features comming soon...)

Your feedback will be appreciated.
Checkout the enigmartins.com website for a full list of features and screenshots
Version NoteMade the app faster
Added multiple images per cocktail
added wooden background
added a classic cocktail list
added top rated cocktail list
added lots of non alcoholic cocktails
changed the entire app layout
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Support URLhttp://www.enigmartins.com
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