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Gliders Data Tracking

Museum ID1000233
Application IDcom.polarjack.glidersdatatrack
AuthorPolar Jack Software
DescriptionThis application allows to follow data recorded by four robot-gliders of the Pac-X project. Select from Data Sources, the set of data and one or all gliders to be followed. Data are presented on Maps with color scale and detailed information. The complete Route for each glider is displayed with day tags. A data explorer allows to browse on dataset and dates for the complete set of data (from the starting date 17th of November 2011).

- Add Auto reload settings,
- Add Range Display settings,
- Add Filter Display settings,
- Add Warning messages,

- Add a popup menu on Legend,
- Add a complete Route display,
- Add a full Data explorer,
- Add another glider 'Hermes',
- Add icon press for Help,

- Add a Zoom control,
- Add the new Dataset 'Power Measurements',
- Limit data from last 15 days,
- Bug fix when no internet connection,

- first application (App Hack),
- HP TouchPad version in 100% Enyo,
Version Note- Display settings for range and sampling,
- Apply filters to reject invalid values,
- Switch between road and satellite map,
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Support URLhttp://www.polarjack.fr.nf/
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